GARDA- Motorized Vertical Sliding System

Garda Automatic Vertical sliding system is one of the trendiest and most innovative window/doors glazing systems.

It can be manufactured with 2 or 3, vertically sliding panels that can be retracted, either stack at top to create a non-threshold walk-through area or at the bottom to serve as fixed glass handrail at the bottom.

This system allows you to create open or closed areas without occupying extra space and allows effective ventilation without a security risk.

It is characterized by its minimal yet strong and high endurance Aluminum profiles creating a highly secured system. In addition to the ease of manufacturing, installation and motorized operation

Suitable to use under All Roof Systems (Pergola, Bioclimatic, Rolling Roof, Motorized Roof, Fixed Roof etc.



Water Resist

Long Lasting



Remote Control

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